Holbein Artists' Materials

“Irodori” Antique Watercolor

Holbein Irodori Antique Watercolor is a line of 48 colors that are intended not to replace our traditional watercolor range but to enhance it. These colors were created from the ancient palette of pigments used by Japanese and Chinese painters centuries ago.

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 They are delicate and harmonious, highly saturated and very eastern in flavor. Unlike the transparent watercolors, these colors granulate more freely and tend to be slightly more opaque, in the true Asian fashion. Like Holbein transparent watercolors, these pigments are of the finest quality mixed with gum arabic and there is no ox-gall added.

Because of exceptional pigment density, which is the reason for the line’s outstanding brilliance, there is less gum arabic in each tube. Irodori is mat and flat. It will dry hard and may not adhere to the palette like a transparent watercolor. We recommend that when using, squeeze only what you need for each color.

Ox gall is an additive used in watercolors to increase the flow of pigment. While helpful in some instances, this chemical can impede brushwork and decrease the vibrancy of washes. Artists can control the amount of ox-gall by adding this product themselves. Both the beginner and the professional will find this product easy to control and vibrant to work with. For the adventuresome painter, this line allows you to explore some lovely new possibilities.

Available in 15ml tubes.

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